On-Going Projects
Smart-Toy: Plush Toy Covered with Large-Scale Smart Textile for Human-Toy Interaction Recognition 2016-2017 To quantify children’s interactions with toys, we developed the Smart-Toy, a plush toy equipped with large-scale textile pressure sensor matrix, to unobtrusively record and analyse the play interactions.
Finished Projects
SimpleSkin (EU-FP7): Cheap, textile based whole body sensing systems for interaction, physiological monitoring and activity [Final Report] 2013-2016 The SimpleSkin project proposes a fundamentally new approach to wearable sensing that will provide an unprecedented amount of information on the wearer’s activities and physiological parameters with clothes that, with respect to their properties, appearance, production process, and price, will be virtually undistinguishable from today’s standard garments. Project Website
HiMagiac (Rheinland-Pfalz funding for Innovatioin): High-Precision Magnetic Field Sensing for Robust In-door localization plus Activity Recognition 2016
Demonstrator Future Truck Seat with Smart Textile (industry project with Johnson Controls Components GmbH&Co.KG, Germany) 2015
Smart Car Seats (II) with Pressure Sensitive Matrix for Driver Identification (industry project with Data Lab of Volkswagen, Germany) 2015
CoCoRec (BMBF): Collaborative context recognition in dynamic, multimodal smart environments 2012 - 2016
GeTeKaSens (Rheinland-Pfalz funding for Innovation): Hand gesture recognition through capacitive textile sensors at wrist 2013 - 2014
Smart Car Seats (I) with Pressure Sensitive Matrix for Driver’s Activity Recognition (industry project with Data Lab of Volkswagen, Germany) 2014
Wearable Data Acquisition Platform suitable for EEG/ECG/EMG measurement (industry project with 4D Force GmbH, Germany) 2013 - 2014
FPGA-Online: Online-course for Virtual Hochschule Bayern 2010 - 2012
WearIT@Work(EU-FP6): develop a set of new solutions to support the workers of the future 2007 - 2009
Time-lapse Marine Seismic Data Acquisition and Recording System (State High-Tech Development Plan, China) 2002 - 2007
Jitter Measuring of High Speed Digital Signal 2004 - 2005